ShitStorm is an effort by Bryon Sturgill and Michael Miller to take all of the shit that is flung at each and every one of us daily and to turn that into information into golden nuggets of truth. To this end, let us introduce ourselves. Please feel free to contact us at: podcast@shtstorm.com.

Michael Miller

Michael Miller (“Mike”)

I am a father of 4 adult children, and one grandson (although really hoping for a gaggle more), and I was a husband of 36 years until my wife passed away in December, 2017. Good fortune has allowed me to have traveled to over 60 countries. As a result, I have been in all 50 States, DC and Puerto Rico. Now I am delighted to spend way more time at home after satisfying my travel “itch”. Other hobbies are music and food. I enjoy country music, classic rock and almost everything else in between, almost any kind of (good) food from all cultures, and real estate.

I have a degree in Mathematics from Michigan State University. With two other people (including my new co-host) I am an author of a technology patent in the field of Tracking and Monitoring of Assets. I hold a Real Estate license in California and a Real Estate Broker’s license in Florida. As a unique privilege, I was awarded the honor of Kentucky Colonel from the Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky in 2012.

As a career, I spent 25 years in Business including as an IT executive in a global Engineering firm of over $13B in revenue.

Bryon Sturgill (“Bryon”)

I grew up in small town America where very few people had money but they all had opinions.

After graduating from the University of Kentucky with a degree in Accounting, I served my country fighting in the Gulf war, serving with the 101st Airborne Infantry Division. Spending time throughout America and the world I has developed an appreciation for everyone’s opinion and how they differ.  Every day of my life I have worked hard since I was twelve years old. This hard work as a child drove me to understand people and how things works.

I am simple and my approach to things is also simple. Truth and respect! My lifelong goal is that of helping people and wanting everyone to live their best life possible. To me it is obvious that everyone should work together for the good of all.  As you will find out I am not a conservative or a liberal, I am an American.  I hope you find my opinion to be enlightening, useful and rewarding.