Episode 8

Episode 7 & 8: Climate Change… Fact or Fiction

Here are the promised supporting documentation for both points of view. The first video is by a Nobel Laureate to debunk the “myth” of global warming. The second video is a NASA video showing the correlation between global warming and carbon emissions. The third is a graph of the ppm (parts per million) for carbon in the atmosphere.

It should be noted that left out of the rather heated discussion was the notion that global warming is really a result of man’s activities that also include things like paving roads, raising cattle (responsible for 25% of all global warming) and other man-made effects. The burning of fossil fuels essentially creates a “blanket” in the atmosphere that traps the heat from man’s activities that would otherwise escape. This is what causes the effect of making our planet hotter at an accelerated rate, according to 97% of all scientists. The first video is interesting and may be compelling there is no data provided to back up the anecdotal evidence. The second video shows the absolute correlation between greenhouse gases and warming. The third video shows how scientific evidence is a collaborative, consensus process to correlate data. The two graphs show the nearly the exact same data, taken from two very different locations… one is NASA and the other is the Mauna Lau Observatory in Hawaii.

You decide for yourself!

Global Warming Bar Chart
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